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Shanghai Lijing meets three different kind of requirements for hotels. Firstly, the laundry machines are long-time operated (durability). Secondly, they can wash and dry a lot of laundry in Garment factories have always a lot of laundry (for example jeans) to wash every day. The industrial laundry machines help their work become more effortless and efficient. Some of the factories work up to 24 hours as we know it, so, the machines have to be very durable. Shanghai Lijing has very experienced R&D team to design the machines and make them more durable . As some of the workers are not enough educated in some less-developed countries, the machines’ easy operation is also very important.

Besides, staff uniforms are one side of the enterprise image. Neat and clean uniforms make the team look more spirited. Shanghai Lijing has supplied 56 garment factories and more than 200 other factories.