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Spotting Table

Stainless Steel Spotting Table
1. The dirty spot on the garment can be treated on the spot table with the help of special cleanser. The dirt such as lipstick, paint smudge, blood, ink, coffee and milk should be removed easily.
2. A jetgun and tow dirt removing guns are provided. The jet gun can be applied to the garment either in cold or hot according to the dirt type.
3. Equipped with spot-removing gun and hot wind gun, and the gun is suitable to your hands.The fluid is concentrate. Touch style button is very sensitive and convenient.
4. Equipped with a set of air filter, which prevent the second pollution to garments. Hot wind and steam are controlled by magnetic valve, which can fully utilize the eradicator and strengthen spot-removing effect.
5. Equipped with stainless steel table.                            

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