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Towel Folding Machine

1.Special Design for various laundry washing machine:This machine is our factory special design –a professional automation equipment for towel folding .The folder can supply many different kinds of folding ways,Which aim at increasing the folding speed and ,raising working efficiency.
2.The Max Folding Speed :can reach 50m/min.1800pieces big towel/hour.can increase the working efficiency 3 times.
3.Various Folding Ways (width folding+cross folfing) : (1/3+0),(1/3+1/3),(1/3+1/2),(1/3+1/4),(1/2+0),(1/2+1/2),(1/2+1/3),(1/2+1/4),
4. Structure for various laundry washing machine:Adopt advanced idea to design the structure,firm and steady .
5.Imported Parts:The important spare parts and pneumatic components use the international top brand.such as NSK bearing.which make the machine reliable.
6.Perfect Human-Machine Interface:Easy to operation.All kinds of working information ,including the sizes of the linen,the folding shape,the location of the linen can be reacted to the user ,in order to daily operation and maintenance.
7.Transmission System:Speed closed-loop function,electro-optical speed measurement system,
transmission system essential components are imported. 8.Strong Structure:Guarantee the reliability and high efficiency 1,800pieces towel /hour.
9.High Intelligence PLC Touch Sreen:Easy to check the malfunction and easy to operate. 10.Folding Standard Distinction Function:Calculates the folding scope,refuse to fold the over-wide towel,protection and alarm ,guarantee the folding quality.

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