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Infection control plays an important role in the healthcare sector, which is why hospitals must be fully-equipped with functional, sterile equipment to ensure that strict levels of hygiene are upheld and the spread of disease is prevented.

Whether an in-house hospital laundry, a commercial healthcare laundry, or VA hospital laundry, Shanghai Lijing has designed, constructed, and equipped high production, energy efficient commercial laundries that meet the regulatory standards for processing healthcare linen. The separation of soiled and clean linen helps ensure that infectious disease will not be spread by the linen. The durable, programmable equipment ensures that your laundry is consistently clean, safe, and high-quality.

Shanghai Lijing’s laundry experts understand the wide range of hospital soiled linen including sheets, towels, gowns, lab coats, surgery packs, bath blankets, bed pads, and personal items. Shanghai Lijing Team can help you select the right laundry solution to provide the utmost level of cleanliness and efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, the design and construction team can assist you in building or retrofitting a highly efficient laundry facility.