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If you choose Shanghai Lijing Laundry Systems, you get a total laundry solution, including the most suitable equipment and full support for your business.

Laundry shops and big laundry plants are facing big challenges of space. Laundry shops and laundry plants need to have a good location so customers can do a good business. In the facet of an expensive rent, we need to make use of each free space. Shanghai Lijing laundry room design guide provides you with practical and functional design ideas for your laundry room commerce.

Different laundry shops and laundry plants have a different washing capacities so customers will have different demands for the machines’ quantity and capacity. Shanghai Lijing Team helps customers analyze their demands and provides a detailed plan so customers can make the right choice. Shanghai Lijing has helped over 2000 customers to start laundry business and make money. Most of the customers are keeping purchase from us because of an expanding business, a good quality and a good service.