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Full Automatic Industrial Fast Tumble Dryer (Steam Heating)

Best Drying Effect: international standard dryer volumetric ratio: 1:20
Energy Saving: 8 programs for different linens; concentrated airflow and perfect woolen sealing; advanced seamless tubes exchanger.
1. Dry effect: constant temperature heater and ventilation device.
2. Drying Time: 20mins.
3. Controller: PlC, LCD.
4. Full Automatic Control: easy operation, user friendly, labor saving.
5. Safety System: integrated door locking system, heating protection, overload protection.
6. Unloding: automatical unload linens by the airflow.
7. AISI 304 panel&drum: top quality stainless steel, corrosion free, no repeated pollution.
8. Easy Loading&Unloading: large diameter door with 180° open, labor saving.
9. Easy Installation: 100% free standing
10.Simple Maintenance
11.Heating Method: steam                            

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