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Each university has a different demand of laundry wash. Universities mostly require a coin- operated or a card-operated laundry machine and Shanghai Lijing can always provide the best solution for different kind of requirements.

When your university partners with Shanghai Lijing, you gain unrivaled laundry expertise and flexibility. We take the responsibility of laundry management with quality equipment, ownership, profit sharing and leasing option. Machines are highly programmable, simple to use and engineered for uncompromised dependability.

Life’s good for students when their residential laundry outshines nearby-vended laundries; allows students to quickly and easily complete laundry. Machines offer high-performance equipment that’s reliable and easy to use. Thanks to high-speed extract and ease-of-use, students enjoy shorter dry times and complete laundry sooner. They also gain more control over their laundry wash.

By making the laundry process quick and simple, students stay on campus to do laundry. Ultimately, this boosts revenue.