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Flatwork Ironing Tshuab

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Flatwork Ironing Tshuab (Cua Sov Hluav Taws Xob)

1. Flatwork Ironing machine for ironing bedsheets, quilt cover, tablecloth.
2. Stainless Steel Roller, Large diameter Φ800mm, Roller thickness 4mm, International safety standard.
3. High-quality steel carbon structures, strong and durable.
4. Finger protection and emergency stop for more safety.
5. Sealed rotary joints, prevent leakage, safety and reliability, save energy.
6. Pressure roll with guiding ribbons,superior ironing quality, antistatic ironing belts.
7. Variable frequency, variable speed, according to fabric, moisture, steam supply etc.
8. Three-phase electrical system, overload protection, voltage and short circuit protection, emergency stop switch.
9. Heating: Electric or Steamor Gas
10. Ironing direction:front in back out / front in front out
11. Roller quantity, one, two, three, four, you can choose.