Txhua pawg

Vau tshuab Qhuav

Tsev>cov khoom siv>Vau tshuab Qhuav

Tsis Siv Neeg Puv Muaj Zais Tshuab (Roj Cua Sov)

1. Fast drying
2. 304 Stainless steel drum
3. Large lint collector, collect lint easily.
4. Advanced structure, less moving parts, less maintenance.
5. Heat-exchanger adopt stainless pipe to make higher thermal efficiency.
6. Optimal design of cooling fan, with the best heat dissipation, wind speed.
7. Large door, easy loading and unloading, open 180°, option: left or right opening.
8. Fully automatic computer controller, temperature control devices, over-temperature protection device.
8. Heating type: electricity, steam, natural gas or LPG.